Letter from the editor

Summer is winding down. Where did it go? Every year I think time passes more quickly because I’m getting older, and this year has been no exception. Many of you have had an unexpectedly trying time this summer after the flood that invaded our community and our homes. While it’s never far from your minds, I’m sure, let’s not forget the good times that go hand-in-hand with summer.

Here are a few of my favorite memories of the season from our house:

• Regularly greeting Mr. Toad, who makes his home in our hosta bed in the back yard. And the squealing from the girls when I try to get them to hold (or at least touch) him.

• Finally getting rid of the grubs, who also made their home in our back yard.

• The oh-so-many nights of covering the flower pots with towels after I got a little ahead of myself with spring planting — or so Mother Nature told me with her week of freezing temps — on an 80-degree day in May.

• The day the cat caught a bird, carried it into the house, up the stairs, proudly dropped it in the middle of the living room floor, then walked away — head and tail high just like the diva she is. (I wasn’t witness to this spectacle, but the story — as Dan tells it — is one to remember.)

• Watching the June hail storm from our front door, and dashing out to the lawn to grab some pieces so the girls could “science” them. And now they know hail stones taste just like ice cubes.

• Anticipating fresh tomatoes from the garden, then enjoying them.

• Many meals and lots of music on the screened porch.

• Planting the peony bush I received for Mother’s Day.

• Watching the progress of the new St. Patrick’s Catholic Church from our second-story deck.

• Making new friends in the neighborhood.

• Zinnias.

• Hearing the music of the ice cream truck and scrambling to locate a wallet fast enough to run out of the house in time to stop it.

• Sleeping with the windows open, and waking up to singing birds.

Inside, you’ll find what I think are some enjoyable stories from other peoples’ spaces. If you’ve never had an opportunity to see Dick Schwab’s amazing barns, now’s your chance. And I never realized the science behind hybridizing flowers, but I think you’ll agree that Bill Blair’s daylilies also are amazing.

Of course, the homes are quite spectacular, too.

Feel free to send me your favorite summertime memories at room@press-citizen.com. They’ll be fun to read about when we’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring next March.

Tricia DeWall
Editor, room magazine